Leaving Australian road rules behind and never feeling safer.

Before I went to Thailand I had heard stories about how insane it is to travel on the roads in Southeast Asia, but I still wasn’t quite ready for the lack of rules followed on the roads.

More times than not I saw overloaded scooters, songthaews and cars. I saw trucks getting a little too close for comfort, and people driving down the wrong side of the road. I saw drivers merge in to a turning lane while they were turning, and people riding in the back of Utes. Tuk Tuk and scooter drivers would overtake with vehicles coming the other way, and there was a lot of speeding.

Even though I saw (and experienced) all of this, I never once felt unsafe. The difference between driving here in Australia and in Southeast Asia is that there is order to the way they drive. In Thailand drivers are courteous and give way even when they shouldn’t have to. This quality is what makes me feel safe in Thailand, because in Australia drivers rarely give way even if they have to!

Understandably you can be worried before you travel to a country you have never been to before, especially if people are telling you horrible things about it. I suggest that you do not negatively judge before you go, because you could have a completely different experience than anyone else.

Roads in Bangkok

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