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As Ecuador’s third-largest city, Cuenca is no new discovery among foreigners. In fact, it’s known for being one of the best places in the world to retire to. That’s not surprising, considering the gorgeous colonial architecture and cobbled streets, the low cost of living, and the relative ease of access […]

A Stroll Through Cuenca’s Historic Centre   Recently updated!

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Right now, wherever you are, there is a game being played right outside; a game the Average Joe or Muggle (as referred to by the community) has no idea even exists.. and nor did we until recently. No it isn’t street cricket or trick or treat, rather it is a game causing […]

The Worldwide Adventure Game; No Muggles Allowed   Recently updated!

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I am so excited and beyond grateful to receive the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award from TrippinTwins! Erica and Tara are twins from the USA. We’ve only recently started interacting with these girls and they are complete GEMS; I’d like to say we are becoming internet friends! They both work 9-5 […]

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

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A hillfort (or hill fort) is a fortified mound used either as refuge or for a settlement. They were built on the apex of hills as a defensive technique, however, not all hillforts were built on hills. Hillforts are primarily found throughout Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Europe, although there […]

Hillforts   Recently updated!

African/Sudanese Cultural Fest
The annual Townsville Cultural Festival is a celebration of the differences that make up this community; a celebration of cultural diversity that is Australia. For five days every August Townsville is inundated with culture, which includes a large array of stalls at the ‘Global Village’ offering arts, crafts, fashions and […]

Have a ‘Cultural Feast’ at the Townsville Cultural Festival

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When the clock strikes noon on Saturday the 19th of September, Munich’s Mayor Dieter Reiter will tap the first barrel of beer and officially begin Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is one of the world’s largest festivals with over 6 million people consuming 1.5 million gallons of beer, 200,000 pairs of pork sausages […]

205 Years of Beer

Cuevas de Mármol: WikiPedia
8th of August is the date we officially became The Heritage Travels. As a way to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of our travel blog we decided to share the TOP 5 posts from the last 12 months! 5. The Outbound App // 271 Views One of our first promotions […]

Our Top 5 Posts From the Last Year

The Criterion Hotel Townsville: photo by Jan Smith
If you planned to head to Townsville to visit our first ever pub, the Criterion Hotel, then you are one day too late. Yesterday was the Cri’s last day of trading before closing down today. Opening August 1865 by John Melton Black with the wary support of Capt Robert Towns […]

Townsville’s First Pub

  Travelling by coach allows you to see new landscapes without the stress of driving in a foreign place. You get to meet new people, and experience a place in a different way. Spending 20 hours on a bus is not that glamourous though, especially on a bus packed to […]

Travel Australia by Coach?

Ancient Greek Temples 4
Ancient Greek temples were arguably the most important monuments from Ancient Greece. They were used as monuments to their beloved gods and goddesses, as opposed to places of worship. The first stone temples appear in the 6th C CE. The Acropolis of Athens, Greece Dominating the skyline in Athens in […]

Must See Ancient Greek Temples

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I have spoken about San Gemini many times in the past. This is probably because it was my first ever international destination, and therefore holds a pretty special place in my heart. It was here that I found wanderlust. I found what really matters; experiences are more important than possessions, […]

A Walk Through Time: in San Gemini