When people think of great Roman amphitheaters, they tend to think of the Colosseum (the most well-known and world-renowned of them all), if people realise that the Colosseum is in fact an amphitheater at all. The truth is that more Roman Amphitheaters exist outside of Italy including France, Greece, northern Africa and England, and tend to not be in such good condition as the Colosseum. There are approximately 230 Roman Amphitheaters scattered across the Roman Empire.

Amphitheaters were large outdoor entertainment venues built by Ancient Romans to showcase Gladiator contests and the like. They were usually built as open air, oval shaped stadiums with ascending seating for ease of viewing. Amphitheaters were originally made of wood before the invention of concrete.

Archaeology Travel has compiled a list of these, as well as put together a map of where they are all located. Check that out here.

Earlier amphitheaters were wooden structures but it is unknown when and where the first was built. One of the earliest stone amphitheaters, and also one of the most well-researched, is the Amphitheater of Pompeii.

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Roman Amphitheaters

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