Archaeological Sites Used in Entertainment

Abu Simbel Temple, Egypt in The Mummy Returns Al Khazneh, Jordan in Indiana Jones: the last crusade Alnwick Castle, England in Harry Potter Dubrovnik, Croatia in Game of Thrones Hadrian’s Wall, England in Robin Hood: the prince of thieves   Ouarzazate, Morocco in Gladiator Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest), Bhutan in Batman Begins Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland…

Famous Places: what the perspective

Check out these top 10 famous landmarks from the post 23 far away perspectives of famous places as seen on Distractify. Brandenburg Gate Forbidden City Great Wall of China Little Mermaid Mona Lisa Mont St Michel Niagara Falls Pyramids of Giza Sagrada Familia Taj Mahal   Source: Distractify