Fraser Island

The largest sand island in the world, home to lush rainforest, stunning wildlife including the infamous ‘Fraser Island Dingo’ and once in a lifetime sights, not seen anywhere else on earth. I’m talking about Fraser Island. Just a short barge trip from either Inskip Point or River Heads, the island is accessible by four-wheel drive all year round. Formed from sand moved with wind and ocean currents over thousands of years, Fraser is  entirely made of sand. Any part of the island not sand has been introduced by humans in recent times.

In 1770, Fraser Island was spotted by Captain cook, on his way up the Queensland coast. He mistook the long stretch of beach for the Australian mainland and gave it the name Great Sandy Peninsula. In 1836 Captain James Fraser found himself shipwrecked at Swain’s Reef, on the Northern approach to the island. He and his survivors made for the first dry land, and found themselves on the island. Of all the survivors of Captain Fraser’s ship only one made it to the Queensland mainland in seek of help, his wife Eliza. The island was then named after her.

In 1863 loggers moved in, in search of timber. For many years Fraser Island was logged of its trees. The former loggers cabin at Central station and a few logging artefacts are all that remain of a once bustling industry. These now form some of the islands biggest attractions. Central station is one base for the National Parks and Wildlife Rangers who service the island.

For more information on where to stay while at Fraser Island, check out my other post Fraser Island: Camping vs Resort Stay.

What to do

When visiting Fraser Island you must visit these attractions:

  1. Sandy Cape Lighthouse
  2. Lake Mackenzie
  3. Central Station
  4. Happy Valley
  5. Indian Head
  6. Maheno shipwreck (all but gone)
  7. Red canyon

In addition to seeing the sights, both beach fishing and reef fishing are must do activities during your stay.


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Fraser Island is an absolute must do for any traveller to the Fraser Coast.

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