In honour of upcoming Remembrance Day you can remember the service of Australian soldiers by stop in Melbourne and pay your respects at the Shrine of Remembrance.

Shrine of Remembrance

The Shrine of Remembrance was originally dedicated to the Victorians who lost their lives during WWI. 19000 Victorians were killed during this war, and were buried in distant graves far from Australian shores. The Shrine of Remembrance has served as a place of grieving for the families, friends and community who lost so much.

Shrine of Remembrance: Wikipedia
Shrine of Remembrance: Wikipedia

Features of the Shrine:

Take a Self guided tour though the Shrine of Remembrance.

You can find the brochure here.

Ground Floor

On the ground floor of the Shrine of Remembrance you can find the entry and garden courtyards, visitor centre, temporary exhibition spaces, auditorium, and the gallery of medals.

Indigenous Australians at War 2010| Temporary Exhibition Space: Shrine of Remembrance
Indigenous Australians at War 2010| Temporary Exhibition Space: Shrine of Remembrance

Level 1

Level 1 showcases the Crypt and the Hall of Columns.

Level 2

Both The Sanctuary and The Ambulatory are on level 2 of the Shrine of Remembrance. The Sanctuary is used for memorial celebrations.

The Sanctuary: Wikipedia
The Sanctuary: Wikipedia

Top Floor

The balcony is on the top floor, and gives spectacular views of the ceremonial entrance and forecourt.

Architectural features

Architectural features of the shrine include the ceremonial entrance, battle honours, porticos, northern and southern tympanum, pyramid and symbol of glory, promenades, buttresses, and the eastern and western walls.

One of the Buttresses: Wikipedia
One of the Buttresses: Wikipedia

Memorials in the Shrine Reserve

Throughout the Shrine Reserve there are many opportunities to pay your respects. Memorials outside include the Cobbers, the Driver and Wipers, the Gallipoli Memorial, the Remembrance Garden (post 1995), the Legacy Garden of Appreciation, the Memorial Trees, and the WWII Forecourt.

Driver and Wipers Memorial: Wikipedia
Driver and Wipers Memorial: Wikipedia

Getting there:

Located on St Kilda Road, just 1.3km from Flinders Street Railway Station, the Shrine of Remembrance can be reached in a number of ways. Whether it be by a pleasant walk, or by any St Kilda Road south bound tram (excluding Number 1).

Open: 10am – 5pm daily. Closed for Good Friday and Christmas Day.

For group bookings call 03 9661 8100, and for educational bookings cal 03 9661 8113 or email For more information visit the education website.

Admission is free, however donations are welcome.

Click here for more information on the Shrine of Remembrance.

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Featured image: Ceremonial Avenue, Melbourne – Wikipedia

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