8th of August is the date we officially became The Heritage Travels.

As a way to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of our travel blog we decided to share the TOP 5 posts from the last 12 months!

5. The Outbound App // 271 Views

Outbound_Gradient-Gray-Background - Copy

One of our first promotions was for this cool new app! Like all new apps it is still having some technical difficulties, but it is worth the wait for the overall concept. Outbound connects travellers who are near each other using this innovative new app. Check out our full review.

4. Discover the Magic of Harry Potter // 291 Views

Harry Potter Header

Harry Potter is my all time favourite Favourite FAVOURITE book/movie/franchise/magical realm EVER! How on earth that Twilight fan fiction surpassed Harry Potter in book sales is beyond me…but that is for another day. Anywho, if you are an avid Potter fan like me then you should check out my ULTIMATE list of filming locations around the world (mostly in Britain, for obvious reasons).

3. Former UNESCO World Heritage Sites // 356 Views

Former World Heritage Sites

Our post about the only two sites ever to be delisted as UNESCO World Heritage Sites comes in at third. Most people find it as a surprise that sites can even be delisted…it has to be extreme circumstances for this to occur, but unfortunately yes, it does happen.

2. Undara Lava Tubes // 2997 Views

The Undara Experience

I went to the Undara Lava Tubes as a part of field trip for uni. It was absolutely amazing to see what the Earth can create. If you are ever in Far North Queensland, please, do yourself a favour and check this beauty out!

1. Must See Caves Around the World // 6478

Caves Around the World

And our top post from the past 12 months is from our MUST SEE series. It is a short list of some of the most beautiful caves around the world…no seriously, they are beautiful!

Thank you all so much for following us and supporting our blog throughout our first 12 months. We have had so much fun sharing our thoughts, tips and own adventures with you! Hears to many more years to come!

In the mean time, safe travels! 🙂

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