The following may be disturbing for some people.

Australia Day is not usually something I tend to celebrate (you can find out why here), however the beautiful people of Ban Non Wat wanted to make us a special dinner, and who was I to say no. Especially when food is involved.

Said pig before slaughter.
Said pig before slaughter.

I started off the day watching a pig get slaughtered for dinner. This was interesting for me as I could compare it to the way my family had done it in Australia for generations… Aside from the way the pig is slaughtered, the main difference is that the meat was not left to rest as we do; it was cooked straight away, and it was incredible.

While dinner was cooking underground and in camp ovens we decided to teach the local kids how to play cricket. We had to improvise all the gear but what is a game of cricket without a ball made of taped up rocks  Of course we played in the middle of the road (as you do) and after trucks, cows and scooters nearly ran us all over, and we lost the “ball” more than once, we finally gave up…and dinner was ready!

Improvised Cricket

We ate baked potatoes, corn and veggies, fried rice, and so many different kinds of delicious pork. It was a feast fit for royalty, and I sure as heck felt like one.

The songthaews were alight with pretty lights for the drive back to our hotel.


The people of Ban Non Wat made us feel so at home and welcome every day, and this was just another special day that I will always remember.

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