As April is stress awareness month I have compiled a few of my favourite solo travel tips to help make your trip as stress free as possible!

Buy a Travel Sim

Finding ways to contact home can be a stressful thing to do, whether it be a bad internet connection, the inability to understand the foreign language to buy a local prepaid phone, or the worry about the cost of all your calls back home. TravelSIM is an awesome prepaid sim card you can put straight in to your phone and use in over 190 countries. They have cheap rates and are easy to use. You can even type in your itinerary to see if the sim card AND your phone will work in every country you intend to visit. Take a look here! Everything you need to know is on their website.

Home Security


For those of you who constantly wonder about whether your home is OK while on your adventures, you should install some form of home security. Whether it be a security alarm, cameras or just a neighbour or friend keeping an eye on your place. I recommend a camera which can be checked online, such as DropCam.

Dropcam offers a free app for Android and iOS devices, as well as online access via computer. Real-time monitoring is free, but continuous recording cost extra. It is easy to use and set up which is always a plus. Using home security like this will make your time overseas less stressful as you won’t have to worry about your home.

Lock Your Bags

IMAG1262Having my bags tampered with is probably the thing that worries me the most when travelling. To avoid this, get some small padlocks or numbered zip-ties and lock your bag up tight. If you want to take it a step further your bags can be wrapped in plastic at all international airports for a small price. This is also a good idea for any bags with loose straps which are being checked in to avoid the straps getting caught anywhere (this has happened to me in Thailand).


Register on Smart Traveller

There is always that thought on your mind that if something happens to you, noone will realise that you are gone. Registering your trip with Smart Traveller helps take that fear away. In addition to contacting your chosen person in case of emergency, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade offers the following to those who register their travel.

“The registration information you give will help us to contact or find you in an emergency – whether it is a natural disaster, civil disturbance or family emergency. It may also be used to pass other information to you such as important travel advice updates, notice of elections and information on other matters relevant to travellers and expatriates.”

Smart Traveller also offers travel advice, insurance and must know travel information. Head to their website for more.

Travel Insurance

The amount of people who do not get travel insurance is insane. Travel insurance can cover anything from lost baggage or flight cancellations to serious injury or death. You never know what is going to happen to you when you are travelling and having travel insurance is not only sensible, but it gives you peace of mind that you are covered if anything happens.

Note: This post is directed at Australian travellers.

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