With so many travel blogs out there in the world of the internet, it can be overwhelming to go through so many and find the ones that mean something. Here we have compiled a list of our two most favourite blogs for different travel themes. Of course these don't have to be your favourites, but it will give you a head start. Some of these guys you may have already heard of, others you may not have. Whichever it is we hope you enjoy!

Adventure Travel Blogs

A Dangerous Business

A Dangerous Business

"It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and, if you don't keep your feet, there's no telling where you might get swept off to." -  J.R.R. Tolkien

If you are a Hobbit fan you already know where the name for this awesome blog comes from. Amanda travels over the world finding new adventures, and then comes home to snuggle with her kitty at the end of the day. You guessed it, she is NOT a full-time travel blogger, and she is still seeing the world.  Her anecdotal accounts of places she has been and things she has done inspires me to my core. Check it out for yourself!

Mapping Megan

Mapping Megan

Mapping Megan has been named best adventure travel blog, and for good reason. Journalist Megan and her husband, travel photographer, Mike, are on the ultimate life adventure. Travelling the world and sharing it with us. The name is self explanatory when you see the homepage of her blog. It is the ULTIMATE map of their adventures.

I like following and supporting fellow Australians, so it should be no surprise that a majority of my list contains Aussies. Mapping Megan is the first on that list of awesome Aussie blogs. Megan Claire is the Aussie half of this blog, travelling the world and blogging about it since 2007.

Backpacking Travel Blogs

A Backpackers Tale

A Backpackers Tale

Stephen left his 'normal' life to become a full-time travel blogger, and now he is travelling the world indefinitely. He is all about adventure and helping others find their own adventure. There is an endless supply of tips throughout his blog. If you are an adventurous backpacker, then this blog is for you.

Your Own Trail

Your Own Trail

Jake and Lisa spent just over a year travelling through Europe, Asia and Australia, and told their personal stories through this blog. I personally hope they do not stop blogging, and get back out there soon!


Budget Travel Blogs

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt

Matt has been travelling the world since 2006 and decided to wanted to help others travel on a budget too! His website will teach you how to save money, and travel the world on the cheap whilst still having the best experience possible. 

The Professional Hobo

THe Professional Hobo

The Professional Hobo is your complete guide to travel financials. I mean this is the most comprehensive and helpful place I have found for money tips! Nora has a great range of tips and tricks on her blog, as well as a whole bunch of eBooks. I signed up to her FREE eCource, How To Travel Full-Time in a Financially Sustainable Way, and absolutely loved it. It the most extensive free resource I have found to learn location independence.

Collaborative Blogs

21 Steps and Beyond

21 Steps

Paola Peinado invites all those who want to, to participate in the blog 21 Steps and Beyond. It is based around the principle idea of participatory journalism, whereby anyone can share their travel experiences in one location.

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel

As it says on their front page, We Said Go Travel is a global community of travel bloggers sharing stories through writing contests and blog posts. Each season there is a new category and new winner, who receives $650USD prize money. 

Check out my entry here.


Family Travel Blogs

2 Travel Dads

2 Travel Dads

Chris and Rob are married with two kids from the States. They regularly post about their adventures with their 2 gorgeous kids, as well as post videos on their YouTube channel. I love reading their personal anecdotes, even if they don't really have anything to do with travel. Their stories always make me smile.

Y Travel Blog

y Travel Blog

Auusie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi OI! Here we go again, more Australians. This family travel blog is one of my absolute favourites. This couple have left their "life in the hamster wheel" (as they like to call it) and are exploring the world and making memories to last a lifetime with their two gorgeous kids. When they are not roadtripping around Australia, they are exploring the many other countries in the world. I love the entire concept of why they travel as it resonates with me so much. The sedentary life is not for because it makes me feel stuck; waking up and doing the same thing everyday is not my ideal life. yTravelBlog makes me believe that I don't have to have that life, and I am going to go out and get the one I want.

Heritage Travel Blogs

Archaeology Travel

Archaeology Travel

I love Love LOVE Archaeology Travel; obvious considering I have an archaeology degree. I want to be like Thomas when I grow up (no seriously...OK maybe I don't actually want to become a man, but I'd love to have a successful heritage travel blog and a bustling career!). He combines his professional expertise in archaeology with his passion for travel (like I want to) and  aims to provide a definitive interactive guide to the archaeological sites and museums open to the public around the world. 

Sacred Destinations

Sacred Destinations

Photographer Holly and her husband, David, travel throughout the world profiling and documenting the worlds sacred sites. Encyclopedic type write-ups and travel guides for each site are what they do best, in addition to their gorgeous photographs! I love to use their site as a guide to finding new and unknown historic destinations to add to my personal bucket list.

Luxury and Lifestyle Travel Blogs

The Aussie Flashpacker

The Aussie Flashpacker

Simone & Dan The Aussie FlashpackerThe Aussie Flashpacker is a personal travel blog of Simone & Dan, an Australian girl & English guy who met & fell in love whilst travelling around South America. The Aussie Flashpacker is our personal travel blog where we share our stories, adventures, travel tips & advice, photographs and try our very best to inspire others to travel and see the world. We are both Flashpackers and The Aussie Flashpacker showcases to our readers the very best in Luxury & Adventure travel around the world. We've visited six continents, countless countries and our wanderlust is only continuing to grow!

The Aussie Flashpacker is another one of those Aussie blogs I love to love. The personalised writing style and incredible photos these guys produce just inspire your inner wanderlust to explode out of you (OK, hopefully there will actually be NO exploding). I especially love their Instagram @theaussieflashpacker. Check it out!

Tuula Vintage


A blog by Jessica who inspires wanderlust in us all. She writes about travel and fashion in this award winning blog. She has one of those Instagrams that seem to good to be true, but it isn't. An somehow she manages to combine her jam-packed itinerary with looking absolutely gorgeous. Obviously we know that bloggers lives are not always as glamorous as their online lives make it seem, but somehow I just don't believe there is not a glamorous side to Jessica!



Conde Nast Traveller, India


Condé Nast is renowned for provocative, influential, award winning content across brands, across platforms, and across continents. - Conde Nast International

We should have all heard of Condé Nast by now, but how often do you hear of the India version? Condé Nast is actually India's leading luxury travel brand. Their stories go beyond what you generally see on the other travel websites, even their mother website. Maybe it has something to do with the increased amount of personal stories published on this particular magazine site, but I always tend to read and engage more with stories coming from Indian version. 

Heritage Daily

Heritage Daily

In addition to writing about all the latest heritage news, Heritage Daily also give some great travel tips on places to see. Heritage Daily is more than just a news magazine, with so many other interesting and entertaining articles posted daily.

Off The Beaten Path

Backstreet NomadBackstreet Nomad


AntiTravelGuidesBackstreet Nomad is all about the road less travelled. Through personal stories, guides and traveller interviews, Luke will inspire you to go beyond the crowds. It is really important to completely immerse yourself in a destination, especially if you only have a short time to do it. Going beyond the regular tourist attractions and cities is a big part of doing that. That is why we like Anti Travel Guides so much. It is more about cultural experiences and different points of view than it is about getting photos with the Colosseum and never leaving your hotel.

Tourist by Chance

Valter travels around his home country of Italy, exploring all of the 'off the beaten track' locations.

Tourist by chance


Tourist by Chance is essentially about the hidden gems you find within your own country. Valter is on a mission to uncover all of the treasures that Italy has to offer, and I really want to tag along. You should know by now that I love Italy. I write about it a lot. I have a lot of nostalgia about it, and this Italian helps make all my memories come back to life. I love reading the blog and watching the videos because it reminds me of the absolutely amazing time I had in Italy, and gives me a little taste of Italy whilst I am not there.

Solo Travel Blogs

Katie Aune

Katie Aune

This blog boasts the adventures of a travel lover from Chicago. She shares her personal stories and adventures with the internet world in an attempt to share the roads less travelled.

Travel Gypsea


Kiki is a fellow archaeologist and traveller whom I met in our final years of university. She writes about her adventures travelling the world, most recently her time in Japan teaching English. Now she is back in Australia completing her Masters of Museum Studies.

Travel Photography


Ajay TravelureAjay Sood is an award-winning Travel Photographer and Travel Writer, a Canon Photo Mentor, a Photo Tour Leader and a Photo Journaliist. Photography helps him capture the sights, sounds and stories of the places he visits. His blog is therefore fittingly about travel and photography. Many of his posts are published in various magazines including Smart Photography, Asian Photography, Travel Plus, JetWings, National Geographic Traveller to name a few. He writes about feelings and experiences of trips, and tends to stay away from the typical '10 things, 12 tips, or 15 not-do’s'. Some of his posts have been written with a view to provide insights into how a specific photograph was made; it isn’t a one-line quick-tip, but a detailed explanation of what went into creation of an image, with an intent to help others create similar images or help make a good image in similar situations. If you love travel AND photography then this blog is a must. This guys photos are absolutely incredible.

The Wandering Lens

The Wandering Lens

We've come to the final Australian I want to mention; Lisa. A professional photographer photographing the world, giving photography tips, and describing her travel experiences in her awe-inspiring blog.

Travel Vlogs

8 Miles From Home

Vlogging about their lives as expats in Thailand with their dog Eden, Jmayel and Sacha bring you the cinematic journey of leaving behind their lives in England to live a life unknown.

Watch them on YouTube.

The Small World Project

Lindsay is couchsurfing around the world to show that a country is not defined by the negative press broadcast by the media, and she wants to start a ripple effect of positivity on social media.

Watch her on YouTube.

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