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There are so many places on the World Wide Web which are tailored toward selling travel accessories, and so money other companies which produce the accessories. The following is a list of the few brands The Heritage Travels loves to use, which can hopefully help you with your decision making.



This Australian owned and run business is your one stop shop for all your bag needs. From backpacks to toiletry bags, you are sure to find what you need at this awesome online store.

Why we like Bagworld:  Bagworld offer the best price guarantee, whereby they offer the largest range of great quality luggage and other travel goods at low prices, with FREE delivery. If you find a better price they will beat it by 8%! Bargain!


CityPass offers discounted entry to attractions in 12 North American cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Southern California, Tampa Bay and Toronto.

Why we like CityPASS: you pay up to 50% off the most popular attractions throughout your chosen city. If that isn't enough of a benefit I do not know what is.

eBay Click Here

 eBay really needs no introduction. If you weren't introduced to the world of online shopping via eBay then you must have lived under a rock. Alright, not really. 

Why we like eBay: eBay has been our favourite place to go when we can't find something we need, when concert tickets are sold out, or just to research what a good price for something is. This is why we like eBay.

ECBC Premium Travel Bags

Travelling as bloggers adds a whole new level to what needs to be taken on a trip. ecbc travel bags are great for all of the electronic accessories that need to be hauled along during your journeys. Each bag has been thoughtfully designed for a travellers needs. That is what makes ecbc different to most other luggage you may by.

Why we like ecbc: the ecbc FastPass system is a checkpoint friendly design which makes passing through security efficient and time-saving. ecbc also guarantees that each bag you buy has been thoroughly tested to survive even the toughest of journeys. They also provide portable battery packs which can provide up to 5 full charges of your devices. Almost everything was thought about when designing these traveller friendly bags and that is why we love them so much!



From passport wallets and neck pillows, to wanderlust posters and jewellery, this online shop will have any travel trinkets you wish to have.

Why we like Etsy: You can find almost any accessory you need (and sometimes don't need, for example Travelling With luggage tags) on Etsy...and it is always at a great price. The BEST thing about Etsy? You can create your own shop and sell your own items and with 21.7 MILLION active buyers on their website, you are sure to make some money 😀

GoGoGear sisters with a dream to design and manufacture innovative quality travel accessories since 1997. The now aim to sell the very best in travel accessories and clothing.

Why we like GoGoGear Travel Accessories: GoGoGear are Australian owned and run and we like to support our fellow Aussies. These awesome ladies have designed a unique and comprehensive online store which houses pretty much everything you need in the one place.

ISE Card


If you want GLOBAL discounts on your travel you need to purchase THE student card of the world. Founded in 1958 to help students afford travel through utilising the international discounts. Some of the discounts include travel costs, sightseeing and accommodation. It costs $25US and comes in the International Identity Card for Student, International Identity Card for Part-time Student. International Identity Card for the Youth, or the International Identity Card for Faculty & Teacher.

Why we like ISE Cards? Need I say more?



Another Australian owned and run company, Korjo are probably the only travel adapters I trust when I travel. They do go beyond electronic accessories though, with money belts, organisers, comfort items and even travel games. These guys started in the 1970s by selling a few travel accessories in a local Melbourne pharmacy and soon became widely known and sourced as the travel accessory store.

Why we like Korjo: Korjo electronic travel accessories are widely known and trusted. They are the only brand of adapters I will buy and use and offer global sets which is what I have. Buy one and never worry about buying another one again.

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Shop
Lonely Planet

If Lonely Planet needed an introduction then I would be at a loss for words. These guys are known to be THE TRAVEL GUIDE experts. I mean have you ever actually gone anywhere without at least looking at their information on the website? I don't think so. There are only two travel guides in the world that I buy from and one is Lonely Planet. 

Why we like Lonely Planet: they offer so many different guides, and not just for destinations. They have activity guides, phrasebooks, eBooks, food guides, pictorials, gifts, and $1 eBooks. Yes $1. They always have so many special offers going as well. If you don't use LP, you're living under a rock (that would actually be pretty cool, especially if it was a rock shelter). 

National Geographic


The only other place I buy travel guides from is the NatGeo store. In addition to travel guides, they also sell accessories, luggage, maps, clothing and translators.

Why we like NatGeo: Apart from being a world renowned brand, they have so many things you can buy online from their store. Their guidebooks are done with a little difference as well. If you haven't tried one, I recommend doing it during your next trip. 

Priority Pass


If you haven't heard of Priority Pass before then I am about to blow your mind. These guys specialise in providing frequent travelers with airport lounge access, irrespective of class of travel, airline flown or existing membership in an airline loyalty program. You can gain access to over 700 lounges around the world, and you can bring along your travel buddy for a small price.

Why we like Priority Pass: If you have ever had a long layover in an airport you find it can be quite draining. With access to the airport lounges you will be able to relax between flights, do some work on your laptop, and enjoy peace and quiet. They offer different plans based on your needs and financial situation.

The Regal Card

Regal Card is an elite luxury travel membership club that delivers countless benefits, perks, upgrades and savings to every member. 

Why we like The Regal Card: in addition to including a Prestige Priority Pass (mentioned above) in the yearly price, it also includes comprehensive travel insurance, 24/7 concierge, cheaper first and business class airfares, and many other awesome perks. 

Travel Factory Australia


Travel Factory promotes the best travel deals of the moment on their website. You can subscribe to get notified when new deals go up, you can follow you favourite business and best of all you can purchase a great travel product or service for a very discounted price.

Why we like Travel Factory: it gives the person who cannot afford the full price a chance to have a quality holiday on a budget. Deals include accessories, hotels, flights, hire cars and cruises! It is an all-round discount extraordinaire.

Travel Gear gear 

Another Australian owned and run brand, operating since 2002.  

Why we like Travel Gear: in addition to the average accessory, Travel Gear also promote SIM cards, language courses, health and security products; essentials when it comes to long term travel.

We receive a small commission from our affiliates if you decide to purchase from an affiliate resource. Please note that The Heritage Travels will only advertise for products and brands we know and trust.

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