Rock Art

Altamira Cave

Located in northern Spain and is known to be the first prehistoric painting to be discovered dating to c.16000-11500 years ago


Located in central India dating to c.12000 years ago

Chauvet Cave

Located in the south of France dating to c.32000 years ago

Cueva de las Manos

Located in southern Argentina dating to c.13000-9000 years ago

Kakadu Rock Paintings

Located in the Kakadu National Park of the Northern Territory of Australia dating to c.20000 years ago

Laas Geel

Located in Somalia and is thought to be some of the oldest cave art dating to c.5000 years ago

Lascaux Paintings

Located in the south of France dating to c.17000 years ago

Magura Cave

Located in the northwest of Bulgaria dating to c.8000-4000 years ago

Serra da Capivara

Located in Brazil dating to c.25000 years ago

Tadrart Acacus

Located in Sahara Desert dating to c.14000 years ago

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