In October we were lucky enough to attend the inaugural India Fest in Townsville, which coincides with India’s Festival of Lights. We were not sure what to expect, and were pleasantly surprised by the variety and ambiance of the festival. I would say it is one of the best cultural festivals we have here in Townsville, and we have a lot!

India Fest

The Townsville Indian Community is committed to grow and share cultural awareness by showcasing the rich ethnic diversity of India and promote cultural harmony through cultural integration.

Highlights include experiencing both tasting and cooking ethnic food, Bollywood and classical Indian theatrical performances, the arts and crafts village, state pavilions showcasing diverse Indian culture from different states, and (my personal favourite) the option to have your own Indian wedding!!!!

With plenty of food, entertainment and markets, you will not be bored (and neither will your taste buds). The deliciousness of authentic Indian cuisine, the beauty of traditional Indian dance, and the elegance of the traditions Indian dress was something to be in awe of. There were opportunities for those of all ages to get involved and excited by Indian culture, and that is what I enjoyed the most. I went with my 5 year old cousin, Aryanah, and this experience opened her up to new cultures, and helped her toward her understanding of the different people within our society… and the best part, it was absolutely FREE to attend..

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Spice up your life at India Fest, Townsville.

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  1. India Fest sounds like a lot of fun and colorful too. You actually got me at the food but ethnic Indian weddings would be an interesting sight to see. I’d love to see the brides traditional dress!

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