It’s time to let go of the bad times from the last year and embrace what the future holds; celebrate the end of a year and the start of a new one;  a time for us to move on from the lows we have all had this past year, and get excited for what the new year will bring. It has become one of the biggest WORLDWIDE celebrations, with many city fighting it our to have the best New Years Fireworks! Whilst I personally do not agree with the incredible amount of money that is spent on New Years fireworks every year, I cannot deny the amount of much needed tourism that these displays bring to our cities. This year, I think London took the cake. See why below.

The New Year as you know it is the time when the Gregorian calendar year begins again, on 1st January.  Majority of the world celebrate the New Year in some form or another, with many countries (including here in Australia) marking the 1st January as a public holiday. New Year’s Eve is celebrated from the evening of 31st December and ends past midnight on New Years Day. Many people spend the night dancing, eating, drinking, and watching or lighting fireworks to celebrate the coming of the new year.

Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks 2007

New Years Day has been held on many days throughout history. For example, in western Europe during the Middle Ages it was once held on the 1st March, 25th March, Easter, 1st September and 25th December. In 1582 CE adoptions of the Gregorian calendar began, which started the use of 1st January as New Years Day in western Europe. The expansion of this culture throughout the world, and the widespread adoption of the Gregorian calendar, has meant the 1st January is now recognised as New Years Day, almost worldwide.

New Years day has also been determined by the regional use of different calendars, in conjunction with varying cultural and religious views. This means that New Years Day is celebrated throughout most of the year by differing cultures and regions.

Chinese New Year Paris 2009

How and when do you celebrate new years?

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New Years

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