If there’s one thing that can dampen pre-holiday excitement it’s scrolling through hundreds of advice articles looking for the tips to try to save money and make travelling simpler. That’s why Fast Cover, an Australian travel insurance company, did it for you – compiling the most popular travel hacks and tips in their new travel infographic.

The tips were drawn from an analysis of over 500 top-ranking travel hack articles. The most widely shared articles were then carefully looked over to identify the tips travellers of all kinds can use. Classic tips like rolling your clothes to save on space are included, alongside some recommendations for apps which can make travelling simpler, such as Maps.Me.

Have a look at the tips that can save you time, effort and money from the time you start searching for that elusive bargain flight to the time you return home.

Hack Your 2016 Holiday: Cut down on research, save money and simplify travel with these genius travel hacks!

Fast Cover

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