My very first experience of the Eumundi Markets was a long time ago when I was just a small child. It was a weekend and my dad was delivering hay to a supplier in Eumundi. I wanted to go with as I always did when dad went on a delivery, so I did.

Let me preface this by saying this was a time when the streets were still open to the public during the markets… Now imagine a semi, packed to the brim with hay, driving down a single lane street with market stalls either side and people walking everywhere. So we get through the stalls the first time without much trouble which is fabulous, until we realise we have no idea where this place is that we are supposed to be going and that we probably went down the wrong street. As a result we drove back down the street through the market stalls and all the people with the hay still on the truck. This happened a few more times before we actually found the correct place to go. Through the market stalls. Where we were originally..

Let’s just say it was an experience I have never forgotten.


The idea for the Eumundi Markets started in 1979 when Christa Barton and Gail Perry-Somers decided to bring a European style Artisan and Farmers Market to Australia. It started with 3 stalls at the local CWA (Country Women’s Association) Hall with a turnover of $30. Over the years the markets became more popular, and by 1990 there was 203 stalls and over 260 000 attendees every year.

Now the markets are held every Wednesday and Saturday and they do not disappoint. With over 600 stalls and more than 1.6 million attendees each year, this market is the ‘be-all and end-all’ of markets in Queensland.

“Eumundi Markets is a vibrant, ever-evolving collaboration of many talented people seeking to share their gifts with the world. We play a pivotal role in supporting and promoting young local creative talent. We also recognise our responsibility in nurturing new businesses in their formulative years by providing a cost effective alternative for test marketing and trialing of new products and services, unique to this region. ” – History of the Eumundi Markets

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