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The South Burnett is arguably one of the most beautiful places in Queensland. Located a short drive from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast where forests, farmland, creeks and the beautiful green hilly countryside is common. The area is filled with cultural and natural heritage attractions, as well as a ton of places to try the local food. You can spend your weekend camping and fishing, or attend one of the many local markets, or you can time your visit to enjoy one of the popular events held here.

These places completely define the food culture of the South Burnett, and leaving without trying at least one should be a sin. Before you leave, be sure to follow the South Burnett Wine Trail, a tantalising experience for your taste buds!

Bunya Forest Gallery

Bunya nut hotpot

This cafe is nestled beautifully in the forest of the Bunya Mountains, surrounded by wildlife and nature. Open for lunch come here and relax to the sights and sounds of the Bunya Mountains while enjoying some great food.

Cheeseworld, Goomeri


Try the best Australian made cheeses here. You can try before you buy. The owners of this great store have recently invented Cheeseworld on the Move and are now travelling with their cheese selection.

Dimities Cottage, Wondai

This gorgeous old converted award winning Queenslander is the perfect place in Wondai for a light lunch or refreshments from their a la carte menu. The relaxing and tranquil atmosphere is well-known here. Do not miss out!

Lavender Farm, Kingaroy

Pat & Judy at the Lavender Farm, Kingaroy

All things Lavender is available for purchase here, including homewares, beauty products, food and wine! All available online and in store. There is also and in-house cafe where you can get scones, tea, ice-cream, softdrink and cheese! All lavender flavoured of course!

Taste South Burnett

If you prefer the east option and would like a taste of everything in the South Burnett from one place, Taste South Burnett is the place for you. If you want something extra special you can ask to get one of their delicious picnic hampers and head over to the Bunya Mountains for a delicious picnic with a view.

The Left Bank, Kilkivan


This great little place is not just a food destination but you can also rug up for the night in their B&B. It is a great stop when you are leaving the South Burnett and heading back towards the Bruce Highway or just as you arrive in the Burnett.

The Peanut Van, Kingaroy


You can not get more Southeast Queensland than the Kingaroy peanuts. With peanut farms dotted throughout the South Burnett and the factory in Kingaroy, this is one of the most genuine natural food experiences you can have. The smell reminds me of home – you’d never tell considering I actually grew up next to a peanut farm. Low flying crop dusters and left over peanuts after harvest is one of my happiest memories. For something special try the boiled variety!

The Pumpkin Pie, Goomeri

Wahoo, lunch in the town of Goomeri #TripBlog

This small shop is the best place in the South Burnett for homemade pies and sausage rolls. You can also grab some baked pumpkin goods from the town of the famous Pumpkin Festival.

The Tinnie Pub


For a true Aussie pub experience hit up the Tingoora Hotel, or the Tinny as it is known to the locals. With shuttle buses, live music, great food and a vibrant atmosphere, you will be kept entertained all night long.

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Follow the local food trail around the South Burnett.

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