Must See Ancient Greek Temples

Ancient Greek temples were arguably the most important monuments from Ancient Greece. They were used as monuments to their beloved gods and goddesses, as opposed to places of worship. The first stone temples appear in the 6th C CE. The Acropolis of Athens, Greece Dominating the skyline in Athens in the Acropolis. Dating back to…

Archaeological Sites Used in Entertainment

Abu Simbel Temple, Egypt in The Mummy Returns Al Khazneh, Jordan in Indiana Jones: the last crusade Alnwick Castle, England in Harry Potter Dubrovnik, Croatia in Game of Thrones Hadrian’s Wall, England in Robin Hood: the prince of thieves   Ouarzazate, Morocco in Gladiator Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest), Bhutan in Batman Begins Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland…

Must See Rock Art from Around the World

Altamira Cave Located in northern Spain and is known to be the first prehistoric painting to be discovered dating to c.16000-11500 years ago Bhimbetka Located in central India dating to c.12000 years ago Chauvet Cave Located in the south of France dating to c.32000 years ago Cueva de las Manos Located in southern Argentina dating…

Famous Places: what the perspective

Check out these top 10 famous landmarks from the post 23 far away perspectives of famous places as seen on Distractify. Brandenburg Gate Forbidden City Great Wall of China Little Mermaid Mona Lisa Mont St Michel Niagara Falls Pyramids of Giza Sagrada Familia Taj Mahal   Source: Distractify

Lesser Known Pyramids From Around the World

A pyramid is defined by its shape, where its outer surfaces are triangular and converge upwards. Although pyramids are predominantly associated with Egypt, the pyramid shape was first used in ancient Mesopotamia to build the mud-brick ziggurat. The pyramids shape was continued to be used by the Greeks and Romans. If you like it, you should pin it!