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Early this year I spontaneously enrolled in a Dual Diploma of Travel & Tourism, and Events, with Flight Centre Travel Academy..and I am so glad that I did. If you are a regular reader you would know that I have been a little dormant the last few weeks. That is because I have just completed my first term in class training at FCTA in Brisbane.

What is Flight Centre Travel Academy?

Flight Centre Travel Academy is a registered training organisation, a part of the Flight Centre Group, which was created to inspire and educate travel enthusiasts with world-renowned training and support.

There are two options available at FTCA; the Certificate 2 in Tourism or, the Dual Diploma of Travel and Tourism, and Business (previously Events).

The Flight Centre Group’s global office is actually in Brisbane, but there are 3 cities to do your in-class training; Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. I studied at the Brisbane academy, which had gorgeous views of the Brisbane skyline.


Who Can Enrol?

It is expected that applicants for entry to this program will have either completed Australian Year 12 or equivalent, be eligible for mature age entry, or be able to demonstrate the relevant skills and capabilities necessary to complete the course successfully. This means that you can enrol if you are just out of high school, or coming back in to the workforce after years of being out. My class had a variety of people from those who have not had any travel experience at all, and those just out of school, to those who have done a university degree and needed a change, and those who have been out of the work force for a long time. Everyone is welcome to apply.

When Are the Courses Held?

For the certificate you only have one term and 10 days of training. You select your class dates when you apply so you have total control over this.

If you are doing the Dual Diploma there are 3 terms until completion. Each term has some in class training time which is staggered throughout the year, so you can start and finish when you want. This was great for me because as I am taking care of my cousin at the moment I needed class times over the school holidays.

Why You Should Enrol

Flight Centre Travel Academy offers more than just a course. Through interactive in-class training you are able to become much more enthusiastic about the program. The great thing about FCTA is that all trainers have previously working within the Flight Centre Group, which means you will be learning from experienced, leading industry experts. They are extremely kind and helpful, and have patience that most would not be able to have.

FCTA Classroom

When you enrol you are given flexible options for payment. This is great (for the Australian Citizens) as you can claim it on VET-Fee Help. This is similar to HECS, except for VET courses. You do not have to pay this back until you are earning over the defined tax bracket. You might also be eligible for Victorian Training Subsidies, which makes vocational training more available to Victorian residents through the Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG). These options allow you to study now and pay later.

Training is both online and in-class, with majority of work being done in online modules. This means you can study at your own pace without being required to be present at classes and work you life around it. Instead you can work the course around your life.

Throughout the course you are assigned one development coach to guide you through the online content and help you in whatever way you need. This means you get a personalised experience with your studies which I can tell you from doing a university degree that the personal attention is extremely helpful!

You are required to attend training which is done in short blocks at the end of the term. This is a great way to get to know the trainers who have being answering your questions or marking your assignments throughout the term. It is also a great place to get to know your peers. With the small class sizes it is easier to make lifelong friends and get to know each other quite well. I came out of my 10 days training with so many new friends whom I feel like I have known for years.

London Room

On arrival at the building you are assigned a destination themed room (seen above) which will be your room for the course of your training that term. My room was London. During training we did a lot of hands on practical work which gave us experience in things we may not have with other training organisations. This rings especially true with the practical training on the booking systems used by the Flight Centre Group; aka Galileo. This experience puts you directly above others as experience with these booking systems are essential to work as a travel consultant (if that is your goal).

As mentioned before people of all demographics take part in the course, this created an adult learning environment where you are treated as such. This means that it is less like school and more like university.

On completion of the course you can apply for Flight Centre (FC) Appointments which is an exclusive talent management partner who help students with industry employment opportunities (not just within the Flight Centre Group) and can give you tips and feedback on resume and interviewing. This exclusive access puts you another step up from those completing their course through a different training organisation.

Overall, I have found FCTA extremely informative and fun! It has reiterated to me how much I love the travel industry and want to pursue a career in it.

How Can You Enrol?

All  you have to do to enrol is check out the Flight Centre Travel Academy website, select your course, select your city, and select the date you want to start in-class training, and you are ready to go.

After you have enrolled you need to complete online forms and payment details. I chose to go through VET-Fee help so I needed to upload certified identification and my tax file number. You also need a USI (Unique Student ID number). If you do not have one you can get one from their website. Once you have uploaded this information they send you your online moodle access and you can start studying!

Enrol now if you are ready to have an incredible time learning about something you love!

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