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If you have clicked this link I assume you are interested in becoming an archaeologist. This information is directly relevant to Australia ONLY (sorry everyone else), as that is where I am familiar with this information. First things first you must have or be working towards an honours degree in Archaeology. If you haven’t already done this part you can check out my post of the universities offering this course around Australia. Once you have done that much then it is time to start your search for work. Like most industries, Archaeology can be about who you know, so it is great to start networking early. Go to conferences and meet new people who have the same interests as you and make yourself known. I recommend checking out the AAA Conference, especially during your undergraduate years, so you can head to their career networking evening and career based workshops.

Once you are ready to get searching there are many ways you can learn about availabilities for work and experience. I suggest subscribing to mailing lists such as AusArch (Australian Archaeology), and  FUAD (Flinders University Archaeology Department), as well as to keep checking the AAA job board and join the OzArch Google group to get updated information on which consulting companies are hiring graduates. Take as many opportunities as you can to gain field experience as this will look great on your resume. This does include international experience and there is an awesome scholarship available just to those archaeology students interested in doing field experience overseas. Find out more about that here. If you are still a student you should look in to the scholarships that your university offer as well.

Graduate Positions: These positions are for students who have finished/are finishing their degree (with Honours). Most applications need to be submitted the year before you want to start.
Internships: Will work for any length of time between one week and 12 months. Can be paid and non paid.


Contact any one of these companies with your updated resume to express interest in working for them.




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